Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Testimony from WI Department of Public Instruction

Deputy State Superintendent Dr. Michael Thompson is testifying now against SB 22.  Read his testimony here.

Some of his main points were:
-The bill reduces aids to school districts
-The bill will exacerbate inequities in school funding
-The ability to create multiple charters under one contract may give rise to cookie cutter charter schools, rather than unique and innovative models
-There is a danger that, with the creation of an appointed Charter School Authorizing Board, this will give rise to a separate, independent public school system that is unaccountable to taxpayers
-Requiring charter schools to pay fees to the authorizing board gives that board motivation to authorize more charters regardless of whether it is in the best interests of the public

Here is more information from the DPI website:

map of Wisconsin showing effect of charter funding changes on different districtsMap: How will the proposed changes in charter school funding affect different districts?

DPI Testimony to Senate Committee on Education

Spreadsheet: Impact of Charter School Changes by School, Senate, and Assembly District

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