Friday, March 25, 2011

News Roundup

Press coverage about SB 22 is picking up! Let's keep spreading the word! Check out the latest articles about this damaging legislation:

Rep. Pop-Roberts Exposes Walker's Budgeting Errors
Walker Overestimated Effects of School Savings, Dem Lawmaker Says
Debate Surrounds Possible Effects of Charter School Legislation
Wisconsin Lawmakers Want to Lift Virtual Charter Cap

You can find links to more articles here.

We need to educate our legislators about how the privatization of public schools is playing out in other places. We can help them make connections between the detrimental effects of the un-checked proliferation of charters in other cities and the negative consequences that SB 22 will have for public education in Wisconsin.

Follow national news here. Here are a few articles about how similar manouvers are underway in Florida. Scott's agenda for Florida shows how the Republican agenda works to undermine public education in a calculated way. First, tie teacher pay to performance and do away with unions. Then, open the floodgates for the privatization of education through charter schools. These types of legislation work together to chip away at and undermine public eduction.

Gov. Rick Scott Urges Lawmakers to Expand Charter Schools
Gov. Rick Scott Signs Teacher Bill and Says Florida Needs More Charter Schools

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